Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nippon Nation

I lived in Japan for 4 years when I was growing up and I loved it.  I plan to get back to Japan when I finish university, hopefully I can get a job there and live there again for a while.  From my adventures through the interwebz I have found that there are many wapanese lurking around the place, so I figured perhaps this is a niche offering potential success for my new blog.

Rest assured that I myself am not a weeaboo, can't stand those turnips, I simply lived in Japan for some of my formative years, and find a lot of things that come out of Japan to be quite funny.

So, tl;dr this blog will be various japan-related things, many of which you may find humorous.

Also, I'm very big on the whole blogger networking so if you follow I will definitely check out your blog and follow back ASAP!

So to get the ball rolling, here are two of the many reasons I love japan lol:

The vehicles

And the J-Pop!

Anyway be sure to comment and follow if you like it!


  1. they have the same vehicles in thailand, except in pink. such posers they are.

  2. "But you must see the ground effects on my minibus!"

    Japan is a source of many interesting things.

    I hope this blog will be, too.


  3. MY blog is about Japan as well.

    Give it read and click eh?

  4. Dang that van can fly! I wonder what that is on the back window.

  5. Living in Japan must be a wonderful experience, following

  6. Hey I'm living in Tokyo right now, going to college here.

    Check out my blog.

  7. mustangs and ferrari's have got nothing on those vehicles.

  8. great blog following

  9. This is an awesome idea for a blog! Following!

  10. pretty sure i'm followin' brah, but hell if i know what's goin' on w/ blogger lag.